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Xenotes Oasis Maya is a unique Tour where you will live nature at its best and enjoy incredible adventures! The adventure takes place in four different kinds of cenotes protected by aluxes where you will be able to practice different activities such as Kayak, Zip-lines, Inner Tubes, Rappel and Snorkel.

A personalized tour where our adventurers will be led by experts on this virgin territory and instructed on activities, history, anecdotes and legends of the region. Be amazed by the misticism that surrounds the cenotes in Riviera Maya and learn about the legend of the Alux that guards each cenote (aluxes are small beings who must be asked permission before entering their domains). If you love nature then you cannot miss the most complete tour in Cancun and Riviera Maya, the Xenotes Oasis Maya Tour operated by the most reliable Operator in the Region.

K'áak´- Fire Cenote:
 is an open Xenote that allows underground currents to communicate with the jungle and light. Among its great virtues are its vertical walls and exceptional landscapes. Large quantities of life can be found here and plants surround it; it is the perfect place to interact with nature and enjoy some healthy fun. Be it in a kayak or an inner tube, let the sportsman you have inside come alive; it’s easy, you only need the right attitude and the desire to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Ha’ - Water Xenote:
 is a cavern Cenote, home to beautiful aquatic fauna and where you will find beautiful rock formations. Here you will be able to enjoy the unique landscape of the underwater world, surrounded by jungle and peace. While snorkeling in this Xenote you will be able to do this and so much more; the flora and fauna are surrounded by rock formations that are in themselves a sight worth admiring, and where the life giving liquid flows calm and unrushed, allowing for great visibility and relaxation.

Lu’um - Earth Xenote:
 is a semi-open Cenote. It connects to the aquifer through tunnels and caves. The flow of water is horizontal and the amount of time the water stays put is usually short. The Xenote is still semi-closed, thus it is considered young. If you have experienced rappelling before, you will love this activity, however if this is your first time, this is the perfect moment to do it, you will not regret it.

Iik’ - Wind Xenote:
is an advanced age Cenote known as ancient cenote. This type of Xenote is blocked from the watertable due to the collapsed roof or walls and sediments, which make the exchange with underground currents restricted and the flow of water a lot slower. More than just zip-lines, here you will be able to experience the tranquility of the jungle, the adrenaline of flying high and feeling free, the knowledge that you are very fortunate to experience this unparalleled environment where life, culture and legends bloom in harmony.




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